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First Year (2006) Comments

After I had come out of the church that I told in, I realized how blessed I was to be in such a program that constantly made me think about God. No matter what we call Him...I finally realized that we need to put away our differences and start thinking of our similarities." New friends

I REALLY enjoyed this program. I thought it was very fun and interesting to learn about different traditions. I had lots of fun! Staff and two students

Children at the Well is politically correct and awesome!!! New friends

Before this project, I had learned about different faiths, but had never met anyone with a different faith than my own. I enjoyed this project because it opened me up to all kinds of new people and friends with different faith traditions like the Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish traditions. I was surprised at how the other kids were as eager as I was to learn about different faiths and I was glad to answer their questions about the Roman Catholic faith. Through our stories we realized the similarities that we all share. New friends

Our son was right when he told us that the concept of the "Well" project is so very pertinent to our times. If young people learn about their religions and cultures, and if they share their learning with others, the chance increases that they will be tolerant adults who will appreciate difference. Thank you. Interfaith mixer at pot-luck supper

Listeners at the Storytelling Event
I wish we had more programs like this around the community and the world. Although we are different in religion, we are all the same in heart.

As always ... "a little child shall lead them" ... There are so few opportunities for adults and children from different cultures to come together. Thank you for creating this opportunity.

Interfaith mixer at pot-luck supper

Pot-luck supper