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The Feast of Life: Stories From the Earth to Feed Your Soul

Sunday, October 5, 2003 (World Communion Sunday), 5:00 p.m.

Community Christian Church

1701 S. College Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281

Sponsored by the Arizona Ecumenical Council Environmental Committee and Tempe Community Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Christian, Buddhist, Celtic, Native American and Sikh storytellers will celebrate the bounty of Godís good earth through traditional tales and about "food." "We know how to consume," says Doug Bland, Chair of the Environmental Task Force of the Arizona Ecumenical Council and Pastor of Community Christian Church, Tempe, "but we have forgotten how to savor. All the great religious traditions remind us to eat with gratitude and enjoy the company of others at table. Regardless of creed, color or culture, we all find ourselves dependent on Godís creation to sustain us."

Recently, the Columbia University Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse published a study based on interviews with thousands of students and parents. The results showed conclusively that the more often families sit down and eat meals with their children, the lower the risk of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse. What is true for healthy families is also true for healthy religious communities. Learning to eat together and share the stories of our lives at table is one of the best ways to build community, develop individual character and transform lives.

On World Communion Sunday, the Environmental Committee invites people of faith to sit down at the same table. We will feed our imaginations with good stories as we nourish our appetites with tasty food. $10 includes appetizers and storytelling. For more information contact Doug Bland, (480) 967-5266 or email doug.bland@tempeccc.com.